RAY EVENTS is grateful for the support of sponsors who have come forward to realise the initiatives. It is also thankful for the participation of eminent speakers, whose testimonials as well as those of other luminaries who have attended its functions will be published in due course. Anybody interested in partnering with us for future events kindly email contact@rayevents.co.uk


“It couldn't have been a better launch to my book in London than your moderation, Dr Farooq Abdullah in his element and Lord Swaraj Paul in attendance. The crowd too was a perfect mix of Kashmiris from both sides, Pakistanis, Indians and Britons with empathy and understanding of Kashmir. Thanks a ton to Ray Events. It was a privilege to be there."


A S Dulat, erstwhile Secretary of India R&AW & author of Kashmir: The Vajpayee Years​



“I think the event was very successful and this could not have happened without sustained efforts by you and your colleagues.....The presence of Mr. Salman Khurshid made the event truly representative.”


Khurshid Kasuri, former Foreign Minister of Pakistan and author of Neither a Hawk Nor a Dove